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Print vs Web – The techy bits

Print and web designers have a lot in common… however, there are some important differences that people often don’t understand.

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Why you should invest in a professional logo design

Your logo is your first impression – so make sure it's a great one!

It appears at the top of your website, on business cards and products too. A logo should give your business an identity.

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10 signs of a high quality designer

    1. Creativity and Imagination
    2. Thinking outside the box
    3. Strong passion and drive
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5 questions you SHOULD ask your designer before a project begins

Before starting any branding or design project there are key questions that should be asked of the designer.

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Welcome to my blog


I'm new to blogging so here goes... My aim is to provide useful design hints for my potential and existing clients – to help them get the most out of my graphic design services.

So many people say to me: What does a Graphic Designer actually do? I will do my best to explain this here!

Introduction to clh design

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