Why you should invest in a professional logo design

by Carrie Swift

Posted on October 22, 2018

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Your logo is your first impression – so make sure it's a great one!

It appears at the top of your website, on business cards and products too. A logo should give your business an identity.

6 key factors that make a great logo design

    1. Simplicity – less is more!
    A clean, strong design is easy to remember. In fact, sometimes it is unforgettable! This is valuable to any company. When your logo is strong and easy to remember, it promotes your business/service by itself.
    2. Flexibility
    A professional designer will consider how the logo will work in horizontal and vertical lockups, on different coloured backgrounds or as a standalone icon.
    3. Geometry
    It may not work for all logos but logo designs tend to work best when built with geometry. If you look closely at a flower petal for example, you’ll find that it is broken down into basic shapes – your logo should do this too.
    4. Targeted
    A good logo gives customers an expectation for your business/services. You want your logo to look professional. Your target audience should always be taken into consideration during the design process.
    5. Timeless
    Keep your logo classic. A professional logo can last a long time (sometimes forever). Brand well... Brand once!
    6. Uniqueness
    A logo should always be unique... although, I don't see the harm in taking inspiration from an existing concept as long as it has it's own distinct identity.

A logo should be designed with a concept and strategy of a professional.

If you're not proud of your logo or don’t have one yet, it might be time to get a professional graphic designer involved?

I can give you a creative solution that will communicate a consistent, clear and direct message throughout. I believe that simple logos are the most memorable ones. A brilliant logo design is one that works perfectly using just one or two colours.

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